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Agriculture is the single most important sector of Bangladesh's economy. 80% of the population 66% of the labor force) is engaged in agriculture. When we talk of rural development, the emphasis is on the development of agriculture, and agro based industry, trade and service sectors. With its nearly 130 million inhabitants, Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries of the world and potentially a sizeable market. Besides representing a potential market in itself (and potential access to the much larger South Asian market) Bangladesh also offers considerable potential as a base for export also. Agriculture till now is the main occupational activity in the rural areas as most of the population depends on agriculture for their livelihood and employment. A small stimulation will dynamite the rural economy and lead to improved quality of life. The management of ORION has therefore accorded highest priority to this sector to enable the country to meet these challenges and promoting agro-based industries, to make this sector commercially profitable.

ORION has the following units in Agro-products:

Jafflong Tea Company Limited

JTCL owns and runs a Tea Garden located at Jafflong Sylhet, the far north east side of the country. The entire Tea estate encompasses an area of 2200 acres of land.

The garden is run by a professional team of experts, whose careful & effective husbandry led the gardens the way for success every year. The Company has its own in-house research and development department, who played the key role in achieving the optimal use of nutrients and fertilizers. Deracination/plantation and rejuvenation of tea areas are carried out regularly, and planting is done with high yielding clones which have been propagated in the Company’s own nurseries.

Jafflong Tea has been recognized one of the best quality teas in the 2008. Maintaining the global standard the total production of JTCL has increased every year at a constant growth rate.

Noakhali Gold Foods Ltd.

Noakhali Gold Foods Ltd. is a 100% export oriented State-of-the-art fish processing plant established with the Technical Assistance of DANIDA. The project processes Prawns farmed under eco-friendly system that are monitored and certified by DANIDA in addition to all kinds of white fish.

The company has a production capacity of processing 900 tons of Prawns and 1500 tons of white fish per year.