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A. Plant Capacity: 30,000 MT/Year: 30,00,000 Cyl. (12.0 Kg)/Single Shift/Year.

a) Bottling Capacity/Month: 3,000 MT/Single Shift
b) Bottling Capacity/Day: 10,000 Cylinders (12.0 Kg)/Single Shift

B. Products: Bottled and Bulk LP Gas in different pack sizes as:
  • 1. Domestic Fuel:

    a) Normal Size: 12.0/12.5 Kg/Cylinder,
    b) Small Size: 5.0/5.5 Kg/Cylinder,

    2. Commercial Fuel:

    a) Medium Size: 24.0/25.0 Kg/Cylinder, b) Large Size: 33.0/40.0/50.0 Kg/Cylinder,

    3. Bulk Fuel: 8.0/10.0/15.0/20.0 MT LPG in Bulk Tank which would be located at Industrial Clients’ premises that may be used as LPG Generator Fuel, Gas Cutting Fuel, at some Orion Authorized Oil Filling Stations for their Mini Filling Unit and at some multi-storied Apartments for colony fuel etc.

    4. Portable Mini Filling Station: Specially for Domestic Cylinders, there would have some LPG Road Tanker (Lorry Mounted Bulk LPG) fitted with Filling Machines on board which would stop at some major demanding locations to facilitate from the Clients from their nearest points.

    5. Other Products: International Standard Brand Insecticidal Aerosol, Air Freshener, Body Spray, Fragrant etc.

C. Plant Location: Plot No. I-20, Mongla Port Industrial Area, Mongla, Bagerhat.

D. LPG Terminal Plant: The company has its own 10.0 Acres Industrial Plot with LPG Import Jetty and 3,000 MT bulk LPG Storage Capacity Storage Tanks. This would be a major import based LPG Terminal in Bangladesh. Depending on the variable international oil market condition, bulk LPG would be imported in 2,500 MT parcel LPG Tanker Vessel mainly from some Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, UAE, KSA etc.

The LPG Filling Plant would be of European Origin with the latest computer controlled digital technology which would ensure 100% accurate and safe operations. The Plant would be designed, constructed and commissioned as per the latest version international standards. To execute, maintain and operate the plant as per design, there is an efficient management professional team having long experiences at home and abroad. The Plant construction, testing and commissioning is expected to be completed within March 2012 and would start marketing since April 2012.