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Cosmetic & Toiletries

Kohinoor Chemical Co. (Bangladesh) Ltd. (KCCL):

Kohinoor Chemical Co. (Bangladesh) Ltd. (“KCCL) is a pioneer manufacturing company in high quality beauty, toiletries and personal care products. The state-of-the-art machineries and raw materials from the world’s best possible sources, it has bench marked high standard in manufacturing quality products. The well known “Tibet” brand of toiletries of the Kohinoor Chemicals has been very popular among the middle income and rural people of the country for ages.

Orion Group acquired the then ailing Kohinoor Chemical Co. Ltd In 1993 under the privatization policy and soon transformed the age-old, loss making state-enterprise into profitable one. KCCL has not only regained its lost glory but also had been able to penetrate into the horizon of export markets.

KCCL’s success is also attributed to its compact setting of a number of nation-wide marketing networks in addition to its commitment to quality. The goal is success and to keep success on-going KCCL has devoted itself to update its HRD resources and maintaining standard batch-by batch, even piece by piece.

Under the able leadership of Orion Group, KCCL had not only regained its lost glory, but also had been able to penetrate into the horizon of export markets. Therefore, KCCL is constantly conducting prolong program of BMRE with full foreign collaboration to ensure quality and efficiency amongst its 1500 plus workforce including technical and management executives with various welfare measures like subsidized canteen, free uniform, Medicare facilities, welfare center etc. – ready to respond to any consumer need and program of action. The unit has been successful in attaining one of the high-rated productivity in the country.

Recently, Kohinoor Chemical Company (Bangladesh) Ltd. (KCCL) has ventured out in the export market as well. Products of KCCL are now exported to various parts of the world. KCCL has opened new frontiers to be conquered by the leading Toiletries and Cosmetics Company of Bangladesh