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Kohinoor Chemical Co. Ltd

KOHINOOR CHEMICAL CO. (BANGLADESH) LTD. (KCCL) was founded in 1956 and became pioneer in manufacturing high quality beauty and personal care products in this subcontinent. Introducing automatic machinery and constant inflow of state-of-the-art raw materials from the world’s best possible sources, KCCL has built high standard in manufacturing quality cosmetics, toiletries, soap, perfume and glycerin etc.

Upon the emancipation of independence of the country the enterprise of Kohinoor along with its age-old goodwill of TIBET brand name was nationalized and included under the Bangladesh Chemical: Industries Corporation (BCIC). On august 03, 1993 the unit was awarded from the management of Sector Corporation (BCIC) as it was acquired by the ORION GROUP under the Privatization Policy.

The management of KCCL under the private sector began a fresh journey form loss to profit, from failure to success and from backward to forward outlook with total recasting of production system, personnel and staff management along with the introduction with the new technology either to replace the old ones or to update the existing ones. The new management took a challenge to diversify the brand positioning and introduce new range of products. Soon KCCL re-assumed its market status and glory of public endorsement of its traditional consumer response. By now, ‘TIBET’ the corporate brand logo of KCCL has, in some sectors, risen as market leader.

TIBET as a brand has always enjoyed an unchanged brand loyalty by the huge number of rural people and with expansion and extension of localities the market has also for the products proportionately increased retaining the same degree of brand loyalty to TIBET. In sharp contrast to its home base of middle-class response it has been successful in penetrating into horizon of export markets. As such KCCL in constantly conducts a prolonged program of BMER with full foreign collaboration.

KCCL’s success is also attributed to its compact setting of a number of nation-wide marketing networks in addition to its commitment to quality. The goal is success and to keep success on-going KCCL has devoted itself to update its HRD resources and maintaining standard batch-by batch, even piece by piece.

Over the years, under the able leadership of Orion Group, KCCL had not only regained its lost glory, but also had been able to penetrate into the horizon of export markets. Therefore, KCCL is constantly conducting prolong program of BMRE with full foreign collaboration to ensure quality and efficiency amongst its 1500 plus workforce including technical and management executives with various welfare measures like subsidized canteen, free uniform, Medicare facilities, welfare center etc. – ready to respond to any consumer need and program of action. The unit has been successful in attaining one of the high-rated productivity in the country.

Recently, Kohinoor Chemical Company (Bangladesh) Ltd. (KCCL) has ventured out in the export market as well. Products of KCCL are now exported to various parts of the world. KCCL has opened new frontiers to be conquered by the leading Toiletries and Cosmetics Company of Bangladesh.


We also have a vision to attain our avowed mission of assuming the above duty and responsibility. We envisage for a more beautiful for the country, for the region and for the whole world.


Time has rewarded us with the rank of leadership. But we will always remember what it means to us to be the leader in the market. We will always try to explore beyond the boundaries of possibilities. Consumer need and the consumer alone will be our guiding philosophy in manufacturing and marketing of products that beautify people and satisfy their souls.

Business Activities:

Despite the stiff competition in the market and world recession KCCL were able to maintain its increasing growth tendency as well as the market leadership. During the year of 2008 attained a turnover of Tk. 154.01 crore with a growth rate of 14.20%.

New Products:

Keeping the increase in market share Kohinoor has introduced two new products in the market, “Ice Cool shaving Cream” & “Xpert Dish Washing Powder” to its wide array of products

Social Commitment:

KCCL has always tried o contribute in every aspect in the development of the country. It has always organized directly and in some cases by provided the financial and technical support to help the society through the development of education, environment, sportes and cultural sector of the nation.


Tibet Beauty Soap: A high quality bath soap made from 100% vegetable fat. There are four variants of new Tibet Beauty Soap.

Tibet Detergent Powder: New Tibet Detergent Powder is prepared from non-effective extra power whitening and brightening agents to protect delicate skin and fabrics. Gentle refreshing touch of jasmine or Lemon fragrance keeps a miracle satisfaction of mind all day long.

Tibet Laundry Soap: Tibet Laundry Soap is a popular laundry soap for an upmarket target group. This soap is also being used widely throughout the country. It is made from Vegetable Fat.

Tibet 570 Laundry Soap: Tibet 570 Laundry Soap has been a house-hold name in Bangladesh for last 50 years. This uniquely formulated washing soap is ideal for any cloth washing.

Tibet Chandon Attar: Tibet Chandon Attar is specially made from Mysore Sandal Wood Extracts. Its non-toxic and non-irritating. The fragrance lingers all day long.

Tibet Chandon Attar: Tibet Chandon Attar is specially made from Mysore Sandal Wood Extracts. Its non-toxic and non-irritating. The fragrance lingers all day long.

Sandalina Sandal Soap: From the time Immemorial sandalwood has been used as a natural source of beautification. Sandalina Sandal Soap is suitable for all kinds of skins. Sandalina Sandal soap, enriched with Mysore Sandalwood Oil it makes your skin softer and supple.

Tibet Ball Soap: Tibet Ball Soap is a high quality washing soap. It is made from Vegetable Fat. Tibet Ball Soap is a combination of optical brightener for brightening and protecting the cloth.

Bactrol: A high quality antibacterial soap made of 100% vegetable fat. Specially formulated with TCC which 100% protect your family's health. It also equally effective against body odour, cuts & scratches and pimples. Bactrol Family Healthsoap keeps your family clean and protected.

Tibet Glycerin: Emollient enriched Tibet Glycerin is very popular winter solutions for beauty conscious men and women. It's i 100% pure & natural formulation that prevents skin from dryness and improves complexion, nourishes and makes trie skin soft & smooth.

Tibet Snow: Emolin enriched New Tibet Snow is an ideal skin care cream in all season for delicate skin. Its a mild skin care cream, made from BP grade ingredients added with moisturizer, and sufficient skin nutrients.

Tibet Petrolium Jelly: Tibet Petroleum Jelly is a very popular winter tips for beauty conscious men and women. This unique Tibet Petroleum Jelly is made from the finest contents added by Jojoba Oil, rejuvenating fragrance and moisturizing fragrance.

Tibet Lipgel:An Addition of Cocoa Butter, extra moisturizing and emollient agents with pure petroleum jelly and mineral oils makes this product neat all day long protection against cracking and chapping of the lips in the dry winter season.

Tibet Prickly Heat Powder: Irgason-enriched Tibet Prickly Heat Powder helps treat and chafing. By absorbing excess perspiration it soothes heat irritation quite instantly.

Tibet PUPKIN HAIR OIL: Tibet Pumpkin Hair Oil , a unique product, represents a heritage of more than 50 years in Bangladesh. It is produced form pumpkin extract nature’s proven hair nourishing agent.

Tibet Baby Lotion: Specially formulated for Baby's soft and tender skin, Tibet Baby Lotion is a synergistic blend of Aloe Vera Gel, beauty oils, moisturizers and emollient agents. It keeps the Baby's delicate skin soft, gentle and velvety. Tibet Luxury Talcum Powder is a deodorant body.

Tibet Luxury Talcum Powder: Tibet Luxury Talcum Powder is a deodorant based body powder made from the finest and pure imported talc blended with world famous fragrance from Switzerland and other skin care ingredients that provides all over protection against body odor.

Tibet Talcum Powder(Photo & Jasmine): Having two variants- Tibet Talcum Powder (Photo) & Tibet Talcum Powder (Jasmine), it keeps the whole family comfortable everyday, and enfolds in a fragrant caress all day long.

Sandalina Sandal Talc: Taking extra care of Sandalina Sandal Talc. Keeps skin soft and smooth. Its sweet sandal perfume soft and smooth. It’s sweet sandal perfume lingers for a long while.

Tibet Lather Shaving Creame: A unique combination of well-known antiseptic and soothening cream that guards the facial skin against infections generates profuse non-irritating foam and provides enough moisture that helps smooth shaving.

Genstar Leather Shaving Cream:Special beard softening formula gives you the coolest shave and leaves your face fresh for hours after shaving, it reduce friction to make the shave comfortable. Genstar Shaving Cream improves the performance of your razor/ blade.

ICE COOL Shaving Cream:Ice cool Shaving Cream is the latest addition to companies traditional and most popular product’s range. It gives the real cooling sensation to the skin and makes your face fresh and clean. it is made with active cooling agent and foaming properties make the shave more complete and smooth.

Heel Guard (Cracked Heel Cream):The unique heel softening formula penetrates through layers of skin to cure dry, cracked & fissured feet. It also assists to prevent itching and rejuvenates skin of the feel.

XPERT Dishwash Liquid: Xpert is a highly effective antibacterial dishwash powder. It kills bacteria on contact and leaves the crockery hygienically clean. Lemon fragranced Xpert Dishwash powder is a special blend of active ingredients that gives fastest cleaning action against grease, oils-fat, stains and other deposits without any scratch.

ICE COOL Soap: The principal effectiveness of the Ice Cool Soap is manifest in its very band name, because MENTHOL has been added to all other skin care properties to ensure cooling, refreshing impact in addition to Sodium Soap, Moisturizer, Perfume, Preservative and Aqua. Its unique defense system protects your skin from summer heat, bacteria & dust particles and assists to fresh all day long by imparting cooling effect on your skin.

FRUITY Chap Stick: Contains vitamin C & E to protect lips from dry and cool weather. Rich in cocoa butter, jojoba oil and freshly fruity odor, it brings both moisture and fragrance. The botanical extracts prevent collagen loss and flatten fine lines on lips Keeps your lips smooth and supple.

ICE COOL Prickly Heat Powder: Ice Cool prickly heat powder gives yOU the relief from the itching heat rash and skin irritation from hot weather. Its advance triple action formula provides you the Cooling therapy to refresh and relax your body and mind from unbearable heat and stress. It also keeps you out from bacterial, fungal agents and body odor all day long.

CLEAN MASTER Liquid Toilet Cleaner: Clean Master liquid Toilet Cleaner is highly effective Liquid toilet cleaner. Extra power LABSA and special inorganic chemical enriched Clean Master Toilet Cleaner removes tough Stains, kill Germs and Deodorizes toilet within very short time