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Orion-Phoenix Dream City


It is a vibrant project located at Kanchpur, Narayangonj. The project is planned with residential, commercial and super market. It will be a state of the art pattern in the real estate sector. Peoples’ interest to live and make business in the periphery of Dhaka city will be encouraged here. About 20,00,000 sft area will build to accommodate the people to reside and make business. It will be a centre of new business that will ease businessman to get their business in a traffic jam free area. Residents of the project will get a fresh river side environment with jogging area and play ground.      

Orion Pharama affected IPO Foram

Orion Pharama affected IPO Foram

Orion Infusion Limited Statement of Financial Position (Un-Audited) As at 31 March 2012(3rd Quarter)

Orion Infusion Limited Statement of Financial Position (Un-Audited) As at 31 March 2012(3rd Quarter)

Orion Infushion Limited Half Year Account for the Half Year ended 31 st December 2011

Orion Infushion Limited Half Year Account for the Half Year ended 31 st December 2011

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1 st Quarter Accounts on September30,2011

Orion Infushion Limited 1st quarter accounts on september 30, 2011


Segment erection has started on Mayor Mohammad Hanif Flyover

Mayor Mohammad Hanif Flyover reaches new landmark as Launching Girders have been installed and Segment erection work has started indicating satisfactory overall progress of this colossal project. The project work is progressing very efficiently in terms of Piling, Trial Pit Excavation at for Utility Check, Fabrication of Rebar, Checking of Rebar Cage, Cage Lowering, Pile Batching Plant, Ground Rig, Preparation of Precast Segment and Yard and Sub structure.

Another agreement with Wartsila for purchasing machines for Upcoming Power Plant

Recently Wartsila Bangladesh Ltd. signed an agreement with Digital Power & Associates Ltd. - a concern of Orion Group to supply 100 MW HFO based engines for their upcoming Power Plant which is at Muktarpur, Mushiganj. Orion Group has already accomplished its 200 MW Power Plants (100 MW each) at Meghnaghat and Siddirganj with Wartsila engines successfully. This time their mission is to take another step in solving power crisis of the nation though their upcoming project.

Honorable Chairman, Managing director, directors of Orion group and Managing Director of Wartsila were present in the signing ceremony.

Bangladesh Government Purchase committee has passed the 2×300MW & 1× 650MW COAL fired power project of ORION Group

ORION GROUP has taken major investment undertakings to alleviate the power crisis in Bangladesh. Longking-Orion JV & Consortium recognizes the challenge the country faces in delivering reliable, dependable electricity at most competitive pricing. It commits to make a role-play with a single focus on delivering reliable and affordable electricity across the country. With customer focused approach, it is poised to engineer, develop, construct, own & operate small to large power plants with diverse fuel choices to adapt to an increasingly competitive market environment. Orion Group was awarded two 100 MW quick rental power stations on BOOT basis, which are already under commercial operations. Our usage of world class equipment and EPC contractor has enabled us to finish this projects in due time. Orion Group has been awarded to build two 300 MW & one 650MW coal based combined cycled power stations on a Build Own Operate (BOO) basis on Maowa Bangladesh. Inspired by the past success ORION Group is planning to use the highest quality machineries and Expert consultants to execute the coal projects within contractual timeframe. China is the archetype in coal fired power plants and Bangladesh should follow in its footsteps. Since HFO Power plants are extremely costly compared to Coal fired power plants, The Governments initiative is pragmatic and ORION Group wishes to complete the Coal projects in hand in the most diligent of ways and adhering strictly to the environmental issues.

Signing Ceremony of ORION Gas took place

ORION Gas accomplished its Signing ceremony on 8th August 2011 with World renowned Kosan Crisplant from Denmark. Kosan Crisplant will be the EPC contractor and the storage tanks will be procured from Italy. With no compromise in quality this Liquefied petroleum gas LPG bottling plant is going on to be a state of the art facility.
LPG would normally be imported as a mixture of Propane and Butane. Usually this LPG would comprise as Butane and Propane mixture with 50: 50 ratio with a varying range of (30 - 70): (70 - 30). Although Propane ratio may be a little higher but shall be within 60:40 ratio.

2nd unit of HFO fired Plant of ORION GROUP has started contributing 100MW to the national grid

Dutch Bangla power & Associates Limited, a 100 MW HFO based rental Power Plant, situated in Siddirganj, Narayanganj has achieved COD on 21 st July and is supplying 100MW electricity to the national Grid . Orion Pharma holds 60% of equity share of the said company. The tentative costs of the project stand at Tk 614 Crore. World class generators have been procured from Wartsila, Finland.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Has Inaugurated Orion Groups Power Plant

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has inaugurated Orion Groups 100 MW HFO Power Plant at Meghnaghat on Saturday, 11th June 2011.

IEL Consortium and Associates, a member company of Orion Group has successfully completed the power plant within the stipulated time frame of 9 months. Estate Minister Mr. Enamul Haque, Secretary of Power Ministry Mr. Abul Kalam Azad, Advisor of Power Ministry Mr. Tawfiq-E-Elahi Chowdhury, Chairman of Orion group Mr. Obaidul Karim and Managing Director Mr. Salman Obaidul Karim were also present in the inauguration ceremony.

This Plant will definitely help in reducing the power problem that our country is facing at this moment. Both Chairman and MD thanked The Prime Minister for keeping faith on Private Companies for establishing power stations. They also expressed their future aggressiveness in building further such infrastructure.