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Orion Pharma

Orion Pharma a member of Orion Group was founded as a pharmaceutical manufacturing company in 1965. With the mission to serve the ailing humanity around the globe orion pharma started its operation nearly four decades ago, and after a great run of success the company today has proliferated out into one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. It has already established itself to the doctor's com¬munity, other health care professionals, chemists and patients as a provider of quality medicines and health care services through 50 brands and 51 presentations of various formulations.

Since it’s inception orion pharma as a company has always maintained a very strong ethical commitment. orion pharma has dedi¬cated itself to serving its valued customers at home and abroad with products of excellent quality complying Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the guidelines of ISO-9001: 2000 Quality Management System. That is why it has been recommended for ISO-9001 Certifi¬cation in November 2002 and is hoping to receive this certification of great honor in mid of 2003. It has been awarded the "Potential medicine Supplier of UNICEF Certificate on May 19 in 1990.

Orion Pharma. Manufacturers and markets a wide array of dosage forms including tablet, capsule, syrup, suspension, dry powder for syrup/suspension in different therapeutic groups like antibiotics, anti-diabetics, anxiolyt-Ics, diuretics, cardiovascular drugs. NSAIDs etc.

orion pharma communicates its products and services to its customers through more than 400 skilled and well-trained Field Forces and more than 25 marketing professionals. It ensures smooth and timely delivery to the customers through 13 depots located around the country.

It is expecting to close 2002 with sales turnover of US $ 9.0 million achieving a phenomenal growth of more than 35% against the pharma­ceutical market growth of 12%. Orion pharma Mas already launched 12 new products so far in 2002 as a part of its commitment to provide lime-demanded new molecules to satisfy the unmet healthcare needs of the country.

As part of its commitment towards the state-of -the-art technology and management practices, H is in the process of acquiring ERR (Enterprise Resource Planning) in all relevant functions involving marketing, commercial, finance and manufacturing to ensure smooth supply of its products to the customers in a cost effective way.
Keeping pace with the ever-changing business reality of the world. Orion Pharma. has set up its vision as to be regarded as a quality pharmaceutical company globally through prod¬ucts and services and has been relentlessly workings towards it. As an outcome orion pharma is on the verge of introducing indictable prepara¬tions for the launch of a Anti-Cancer facility.

Flagship Products:

Among almost 250 products, Orion Pharma proudly declares the forion pharma owing flagship products which are the deserving pride of Orion:

Enliven (Imatinib Mesylate) capsule, Betacal (Atenolol plus amlodipine) tab, Vertex injection (Ceftriaxone sodium), Clognil plus (Clopidogrel+ Aspirin) tab, Pep (Zinc sulphate) Tab/Syrup, Deslor (Desloratadine) Tab/Syp, Axet (Cefuroxime) Tab/inj, Pedicef (Cefpodoxime) susp, Azalid (Azithromycin) Tab/Sus, Truso (Cefixime) Cap/sus

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Orion has formed EPAP (Enliven Patient Assistant Program) under which poor patients get Enliven (Imatinib mesylate - used for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia) at free of Cost.

Latest Full fledged Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant:

Orion Pharma. is going to introduce a full-fledged Pharmaceutical Plant very soon. This manufacturing unit will be enabled to manufacture the forion pharma owing products:

  • i. Probiotic products (Tablet and Capsule)
  • ii. Biotech (Injectible, Tablet & Capsule)
  • iii. Hormone (Injectible, Tablet & Capsule)
  • iv. Vaccine (Injectible)
  • v. Contraceptive (Injectible & Tablet)
  • vi. Anti-Cancer (Injectible, Tablet & Capsule)
  • vii. Plasma Expander
  • viii. Herbal Products (Injectible, Tablet & Capsule)
  • ix. Metered Dose Inhaler
  • x. Veterinary (Tablet & Injectible)