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Jafflong Tea Company Ltd.

Jafflong Tea Company was acquired by ORION in the year 2004. The Tea Garden is located at the far north east side of the country in Jafflong Sylhet. It stands at the foot of Meghalaya mountain range beside the River Douki.

The entire Tea estate encompasses an area of 2200 acres of land. The estate’s mesmerizing natural beauty and freshness will overwhelm anyone. Of the total area about 800 acres is utilized for tea plantation. About 24 lac bushes have already been planted from which leaves are plucked for manufacturing tea.

The operation of the company is under the able management of a team comprising of experts. Under the efficient husbandry and observation the company has experienced a positive growth ever since ORION took over the charge of its management. At present the company has around 2500 employees.

JTCL has its own in-house Research & Development team who are responsible for the optimal use of the nutrients and fertilizers needed for the plantation. The unit's product is made from a unique process, developed in-house, of extraction from tea leaves, giving it a distinctive liquoring and taste profile.

After taking control of the company the management has focused on the automation of the production process. JTCL now uses the most modern technologies for its production process. Recently they have introduced the world famous KILLBURN VIBRO FLUID BED DRYER to its automation process. This machine enables the production engineers to deliver best liquors and Blacker and Heavier Tea. It is highly fuel efficient and requires minimal level of maintenance.

The company has also automated the tea fermentation process. Recently JTCL introduced The BLAZE 125 and MATRIX PVB to the automatic fermentation process. These machines enable the fermentation process to deliver good quality & darker tea.

The management is very adamant to involve more modern equipments and technology in the process to deliver the finest quality tea for its drinkers.

Ever since its taking over ORION has been running the company successfully and with the prudent guidance received from the management the production graph and also the revenue graph have experienced a positive growth every year. From JTCL experienced a positive growth in the total production as recognition of its rapid development Jafflong Tea was categorized as on of the superior quality tea in the 2008.

Jafflong Tea Company contributes significantly to social and community development on its estates through comprehensive labor welfare programmes that offer free housing, healthcare and other benefits. The company has set-up and manages medical centre, adult-literacy centers, and schools to educate the children of its employees.